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The Second King James Front

But there is a SPIRIT in man: and the INSPIRATION [noun] of the Almighty GIVETH them UNDERSTANDING. – Job 32:8

ALL scripture IS GIVEN by inspiration [noun] of God, and IS profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works. – 2 Tim. 3:16, 17

What must be noted about Bible Correctors and even the new King James Bible Defenders is their repeated mantra that the scriptures are God breathed or the breath of God. Where do they find that in the Hebrew or Greek? God spirited the scriptures if you want to be half way accurate. But technically, a verb is not used in 2 Tim 3:16 and neither is an adjective. The passage 2 Timothy 3:16, 17, like Job 32:8, is a noun.

In Job 32:8, we are told that the inspiration (noun) of the Almighty giveth understanding to man’s spirit. Since the scriptures are the product of God’s Spirit by inspiration, the scripture’s words are SPIRIT and the scripture’s words are LIFE (John 6:63) and those words are used by the Holy Ghost to teach us (1 Cor. 2:13). It is those scriptures that CANNOT BE BROKEN if they really are God’s scriptures (John 10:35). ALL [and not some or most] scripture IS GIVEN by INSPIRATION of God, if the scripture is really God’s scripture.

Folks are wrongly interpreting 2 Tim 3:16 in a historical context rather than in a “right now” context. All scripture IS GIVEN by inspiration (noun) of God and not WAS GIVEN by inspiration of God. When we first defended the King James Bible we did not realize that there would be folks like David Cloud who would come along and make a distinction by pitting the “word “inspired” against the term “given by inspiration,” since Cloud believes the former but not the latter in regard to the KJB. We were never bothered about calling the KJB “inspired” [adjective] in the sense of (as someone put it) distilled water being given by distillation. We never minded anyone saying that the Bible was “inspired” (verb). But Cloud’s comments are more sinister and deceitful in his derivative inspiration view than that, calling anyone who believed that the KJB was “given by inspiration” – a heretic.

Some of the neo-Bible Defenders claim that they believe that the King James Bible is the pure, preserved word of God and that is true, according to many scriptures. But we see through such mental reservations of these men, when they will not refer to the King James Bible as the pure, inspired, preserved scriptures that we are to SEARCH (Acts 17:11) or that cannot be broken (John 10:35). These men should search the King James scriptures to see whether the King James Only comments are so (Acts 17:11). For we have searched the scriptures and found that Bible Correctors’ comments are not so. The scriptures are to make known God’s revelation to ALL NATIONS and not merely just to Israel (Hebrew) and Greece (Greek). Inspired scriptures are the sword of the SPIRIT (Eph.6:17).

I grew up as a former street kid in Pittsburgh, PA, but I was saved in North Carolina at 26 years old, where I worked on a Military Radar site as a civilian, in early July 1962. After being witnessed to by a co-worker, I was saved in the following way. I was on nightshift one evening and I went outside and cried to God, “Lord, if this is all true, please save me.” The following Sunday, I attended a preaching service at my co-worker’s church and went forward to be dealt with by John R. Rice, saying God be merciful to me a sinner. I was baptized shortly afterwards, and I immediately became greatly interested in the Bible and devoured everything that I could hear or read in regard to it.

Shortly after that, the company that I worked for moved me to Florida, where after a bad experience joining a TULIP Baptist church, which had no interest in reaching the lost, having its tract rack filled with TULIP Tracts. I found a good Independent Baptist church and joined. Some of the books that I devoured influenced me to begin to correct the King James Bible that I carried. Then, the fellow, who won me to Christ, gave me J. J. Ray’s tract, “God Only Wrote One Bible.” I was shocked at the tract’s comparisons of the different modern Bibles to the King James Bible. I would never be the same after reading that.

Not having any literary skills, languages skills, historical skills, or formal Bible training of my own, I snail mailed various articles and tracts by others around the country. Never having written anything of my own, I began corresponding with Noel Smith in regard to his ASV Bible position after being encouraged to do so by my BBF pastor. My pastor lent me his Mark of the Beast, by Peter Ruckman, the preface of which was very enlightening in regard to his strong position on the KJB, but it had little else on the KJB. I corresponded with David Otis Fuller, who at the time was not a King James Only or anything close to it at the time.

Then, I began getting E.L Bynum’s newsletter, the Baptist Challenger, which was pro King James Bible. Peter Ruckman did not yet have a newsletter as of yet. Then a strange thing happened; Doctor Rice, in the Sword of The Lord, ran an article about that NUT IN FLORIDA, meaning Peter S. Ruckman. Well, that launched me into an exchange between myself and Doctor John R. Rice. I sent the correspondence exchange to that “nut in Florida” and he critiqued it on an audio tape, and read it to one of the earliest Pensacola Institutes, and the class howled. Later, I published the exchange in the booklet, “Dear Dr. John, Where is My Bible?”

Well, after the success of the booklet, I began to write my own articles and send them to various publications, and to my surprise, more than a few began to publish them. Well, as I said, I had no literary or language skills or formal Bible training. In fact, I was a high school dropout with low grades in English. My answer to that was to take a different approach to the Bible issue than others were taking. I decided to dwell on the scriptures that talked about the scriptures and apply them to the issue in the cleverest way possible. In retrospect, such a course of action proved to be the best thing that could happen, and it protected me from the dangers of corrupt lexicons, history, what Professor Whatchamahamczysz says, and other extra scriptural means of discussing the issue. The exception was when Bible correctors were definitely off base in their assumptions and pontifications from their corrupt tools. I learned to use “their own” tools against them. Well after forty years of this, with King James Onlies winning the day, I compiled a CD with all my articles for posterity.

Then another curious thing happed. In the last few years a new wave of pseudo KJB defenders began to emerge from the fundamental Baptist ranks. Jack Schaap, Don Waite, David Cloud, and even Phil Stringer began to depart from (or were never really there) the strong King James success that had developed over the years as King James people became more knowledgeable of the issue. King James apologists and Polemicists abounded and emerged with better research credentials into the false claims of Bible Correctors than anything that I ever had. Again, I joined this second King James front that seemed to have a better grasp regarding the inspiration of 2 Tim. 3:16 that evolved in the last few years and began to clarify the King James Only position. Finally, the corrupt lexicons, Grammars and dictionaries were recently exposed as the root of the problem by Gail Riplingrer. We early defenders thought that it was the modern perversions that were the problem. All along, it was these corrupt Hebrew and Greek tools that were the problem, producing the modern perversions. Well, I have gained the label of “nutcase” from Phil Stringer, and I wear it proudly, seeing that those who so name call me cannot answer my arguments.

--Herb Evans

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